Can bring joy back to your work.
Are experienced professionals.
Are flexible. We adjust when you need it.
Are transparent. You will see process and progress.
Staff engagements with only the resources you need.
Know how to meet tight deadlines.
Know how to partner with you, and your partners.
Know how to get RESULTS for your business.


Digital Strategy, SEO & Social Media

  • Competitive online media audits and competitors’ digital analysis of site, social and search presence
  • Dark site (emergency) planning
  • Digital advertising campaign planning, buying, execution and tracking
  • Website creation, refresh and redesign
  • Ecommerce setup
  • Digital business plan review or creation
  • Digital program and call center integration
  • Digital strategy-to-tactics road mapping
  • Digital portfolio audits and implementation (Internet, Intranet, Portal, Social Media, Online Advertising, SEO, SEM, PPC Campaign, Blogs, Mobile Site, Apps)
  • Domain and redirect strategies
  • Email campaign development and management
  • SEO & SEM analysis placement and monitoring
  • Social media strategy, advertising, execution and measurement
  • UX testing and research

Marketing, Brand & Advertising

  • A/B content and ad testing
  • Advertising and media planning, placement and buying
  • Audience persona development and conversion mapping
  • Marketing strategy and plan development
  • Competitive assessments
  • Strategy-to-tactics marketing road mapping
  • Brand strategy, brand hierarchy, business naming, logo creation, and brand integration
  • B-to-B and B-to-C marketing
  • Lead capture and lead generation strategy
  • Database marketing setup and management
  • Creation of online and offline marketing  materials
  • Customer relationship marketing (CRM) and sales analysis
  • Online/offline marketing strategy and program-building
  • Marketing campaign creation and management
  • Tradeshow marketing
  • CRM program development

Content Strategy, PR & Communications

  • Content management system (CMS), customer relationship marketing (CRM), sales process analysis
  • Content strategy, planning, modeling
  • Content optimization, personalization, taxonomy,and metadata
  • Content and campaign editorial calendar, and writing services
  • Tools for content management
  • Call center scripting
  • PR writing services: articles, blog, press release and content marketing writing
  • Online crisis communication planning
  • PR campaign planning
  • Presentation creation
  • Speech writing
  • Knowledge management structure and setup

Business Transition & Team Coaching

Our team has experience with organizations in transition.  Whether you are reorganizing a department, a company, growing or downsizing, we have the tools to make these transitions easier for everyone. On the individual level, if you need to evaluate efficiencies in roles and identify strengths of team members, we can show you how to retain and grow your best employees.

Through individual coaching or group workshops, designed for non-technical professionals, we can help you better manage, evaluate and motivate multi-disciplinary technical and creative teams.  Through practical, measurable and fun team assessment and evaluation tools, you’ll learn how to communicate your objectives better without micromanaging.  From the basics to advanced digital strategies, we work with your teams, using your business goals, products and services, to enhance the training  and advance skills on your marketing, communications, PR, content, business strategy, and digital teams.

Project & Process Management

  • Project management (PMI trained, Agile experienced)
  • Department change management consulting
  • Team recruitment, interviewing, planning and coaching
  • IT/technology project integration for marketing and communication programs
  • Methodology and delivery process improvement
  • Client, and multiple vendor account management
  • Project management process and training
  • Account service coaching
  • Digital or marketing department advancement or creation

Analytics & Data Management

Your data is one of the most precious business assets you own. If you can’t read and properly analyze it, that information has lost much of its value to your business and unless you make that data work for you, opportunities are missed.  Whether you have a commercial, customized or home-grown customer and prospect database, or inventory, e-commerce, performance or research data to manage. Make sure it is working 24/7, it is up-to-date, and you are collecting the right information. Let us take a look at your digital analytics tools and CRMs so we can help you integrate this information into every day business operations.

    With Raven, you don’t pay for management overhead or hidden fees. You will work with an individual or a small team of professionals, depending upon your engagement. You don’t have to coordinate with multiple companies, through multiple channels. We can collaborate with your partners or work with you independently. You only pay for the talent, services and products you need.

    Raven can help you and your team fill the gaps, speed up the process, build stronger strategies or create successful campaigns, plans and projects.  We work together to determine what will provide the greatest value for you and customize services to meet your needs.